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Speed Test-Internet Speed Test-Broadband Speed Test

Speed Test:
Internet Speed Test: Speed test gadget gives you the exact speed test of your internet. Internet speed test to check your internet speed on your PC’s, laptops, and mobile phone all over the world with just a single click. You can check your Broadband speed test by clicking on the begin test button to check the speed of your Internet. You can check both the download speed and upload speed by using Speed Test software provided below. Internet connection speed will give you the exact figure of you broadband speed. You can check you Internet bandwidth speed using Internet Speed Test meter from your office, homes or anywhere any time to know your Internet Speed accurately. Speed check help to know whether your Internet speed is fast or slow when compared to your broadband package speed which will provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Speed Test tool provided below is a simple and easy to access it one click software which give you instant result of you Internet speed accurately without any complications. All you need is to click below ‘BEGIN TEST’ button to know your Internet speed. There are so many speed test software available on internet to check your broadband speed test which might charge you for that, but this is a simple and free of cost software which give you the accurate Broadband speed of your Internet which any charges.

How to improve your internet speed?


1) Optimize your internet connection: Check TCP settings under network connections which plays the main role in internet in and out flow. Any wrong info entered in this area may result in internet disconnectivity or internet slow down.

2) Clean spyware from your pc: Make sure to clear/clean spyware from your pc. A spyware makes your personal information visible to third party over the internet and it works transparent without your knowledge. Remove sp
yware with help of various reputed anti-spyware softwares available on internet.

3) Kill computer virus: Get rid of computer virus with a reputed anti virus software. Virus flows through hardware devices and also online. Install a better working and upto date internet security and antivirus program which will keep you safe.

4) Delete unwanted files from hard disk: Delete temporary files, history, temporary internet files and clear logs which takes maximum space of your hard disk and also RAM. This makes your pc work slow and eats up lot of internet bandwidth. You can also follow this step to get faster fiber broadband online


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